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The Most Effective Cold Weather Diesel Starting Aid

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Our products include complete systems, component products such as electric solenoid valves, ether cylinders, atomizers, weather guards, actuator cables, automatic ignition control units and more. Component materials are selected for heavy-duty applications. We offer services such as assembly and subassembly, coating & extreme weather-proofing, custom design, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, research, and consulting. All of our products & services are also covered under our warranty.

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Complete Ether Injection System Kits

All Quick Start systems are designed & manufactured in the United States. All components are qualified to meet U.S. Military and Diesel Engine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) standards. 100% of the Ether Injection Systems we manufacture are functionally tested prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality product in the field.

Our Products

Electronic Control Module Software allows for more Engine Protection Benefits!

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) develop electronic control modules that can monitor and control ether delivery for engine conditions in demanding situations.

Extreme engine conditions allow a small amount of ether blend to be released. Benefits can include more powerful piston strokes, less harmful exhaust, less engine wear, and longer engine life. ECMs may be programmed to monitor and control ether blend delivery during different engine conditions.

Extreme Engine Conditions


Continuous Precision Flow Design

Continuous Precision Flow Design requires cooperative effort of Quick Start solutions engineers and your design team. Full integration with your ECM allows for:

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