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Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems

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Qualified To Meet U.S. Military Standards

Quick Start combines dependable components with professional engineering and rigorous testing to ensure products that will last in extreme environments. Extensive cold room testing at major OEM locations including Aberdeen & Peoria Proving Grounds have determined the optimal ether flow rates for heavy, medium and light duty diesel engines. Decades of fielded product testify to the quality and effectiveness of Quick Start Ether Systems.

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Kits and Components

We offer a range of all-in-one packages to start your diesel engine down to -50°F. Quick Start has over 50 years of expertise in delivering the perfect amount of ether for your engine. Every kit is designed to start your specific engine make, model, & displacement.

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Atomizers and Fittings

The function of the atomizer is to convert the pressurized ether liquid into very small (atomized) particles of ether vapor. Quick Start offers a wide selection of atomizers in response to today’s diesel engine configurations and requirements. The designs continue to grow based on our customers’ needs.

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We offer several variations of valves that can be tailored to your application. Whether you need a manual, 12V, or 24V system, a metered continuous flow or measured shot, Quick Start has a valve for you. If your application is electrically demanding, we also offer valves that draw a minimal amount of amperage, even at -50°F.

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Some current products sold as starting fluid today are mostly volatile hydrocarbons such as heptane, while containing only a small amount of actual diethyl ether. Other starting fluid mixtures that contain mostly heptane burn explosively, causing engine knocking and possible damage. Our blend of mainly diethyl ether burns hot—but not explosively—causing the cylinder walls to absorb heat without engine damage.

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