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Quick Start Ether Cylinders come in several sizes for different applications. To determine amount of ether remaining, weigh just the cylinder. Subtract the empty cylinder weight. 8oz cylinder: .63 lbs / 18oz cylinder: .88 lbs / 22oz cylinder: .95 lbs. Approximately 39 cc of ether per ounce of weight remains.

22oz Cylinder

Provides 150 to 385 Starts

18oz Cylinder

Provides 120 to 315 Starts

8oz Cylinder

Provides 55 to 140 Starts

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Recycling Program

It is critical that we protect the world we live in. Quick Start Products & Solutions, Inc. realizes the impact of hazardous material on the environment and has instituted a user-friendly Recycling Program for the return of used ether cylinders.

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