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About Ether

Precision Ether Flow Enhances Starting

Precision flow is achieved by testing, calculation, sizing, and placement. A small amount of a premium ether-based blend is delivered from the cylinder through a micron filter, through a metering device into the delivery tube, and finally through the atomizer which is fitted in the intake air stream of the diesel engine. The atomized ether blend is injected into the air inlet incoming air steam and drawn into the engine combustion chamber (engine cylinder). The atomized ether/air mixture will ignite and burn as it is being compressed, raising the temperature in the combustion chamber to a point high enough for complete ignition of the injected diesel fuel. Cold-testing at +50 F to -50 F has resulted in complete startup in 3 to 7 seconds.


GHS-SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Ether


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About Diethyl Ether

Diethyl ether is one of several different types of ethers used today. Ether is an organic chemical with a single bonded oxygen atom between two carbon atoms. Ethers are formed by the condensation of two alcohols. Diethyl Ether is similar to alcohol but is generally less dense, less soluble in water, and has a lower boiling point.

Ether was discovered┬áby Raymundus Lullius in 1275┬áC.E. and was initially known as “Sweet Vitriol”. Diethyl Ether has a melting point of -116 degrees C and a boiling point of 34.6 degrees Celsius. Diethyl Ether is the most common fuel used for starting diesel engines. Proven to reduce emissions at start-up, Ether eliminates un-burnt particulates (white smoke) by quickly raising the engine’s temperature to the optimum combustion range. Ether Engine Combustion cleaning is also helpful in removing carbon build up in the engine.

About Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, slightly acidic tasting gas molecule which consists of one atom of Carbon and two atoms of oxygen (CO2). It is produced in a variety of ways, most commonly oxidation, combustion, fermentation and decomposition of materials containing carbon. Carbon dioxide is used as the propellant for the starting fluid industry.

About Heptane

Heptane is a colorless, volatile, flammable fluid. It is a distant cousin of ether, used as an ether extender & in engine knock testing. It is also a common ingredient in gasoline, solvents, etc. It is organic in nature & comprised of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

About Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is added to provide upper cylinder lubricant and is also organic in nature.

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